Days of “going to the office” are fading into the past. The recent pandemic has only accelerated the inevitable transition to work-from-home, work-anywhere routine. As society accustoms itself to a digital economy, Digital Organizations, or groups with no geographic constraints on its functions, emerge as the new entity to enable their members to “go to work”, contribute, and earn anytime and anywhere, leveraging cutting-edge technology such as blockchain and dApps. WeWin.net is a decentralized Digital community organized by such a Digital Organization, powered by a custom-built WeWinChain, based on a POS model governed by its location-based WWC reward holders. The mission of WWC is to implement a well-balanced reward system, leveraging the viral powers of social groups for growth, using decentralization to ensure integrity and transparency, and adopting the POS model with location-based token holders to incentivize and compensate members fairly and accordingly in proportion to their stakes.

WeWin Chain is built to be high-performance running on low-transaction code, where blockchain nodes are distributed across the globe, and each node location is associated with verifiers in the specific location. The more verifiers in a given location join the WeWin.net community, the more blockchain nodes are formed in that location.

WWC is a community project, where the community contributes to the growth and integrity of the platform by each existing member becoming a verifier, in order to validate the credentials of new members joining the community. WWC tokens will be rewarded to each verifier for verifying new members, and each verifier’s WWC holdings determines the proportion of stake in the associated node, and the amount of transaction processing fees in WWC each verifier receives.

WWC is a deflationary token that rewards holders and penalizes sellers, which is designed to stabilize token price movements.

WWC’s main goal is to tap into the viral powers of social groups, leveraging their social influence to achieve mass adoption and allowing blockchain to ensure accountability.

Tokens as a Community-Uniting Mechanism

Tokens are the thing that turns passive community members into active ones. Tokens are the fuel that DO laborers consume in order to output value for the organization. They provide and catalyze the motivational energy for the DO to work.

The token represents the reservoir to which DO community members can deposit their time and labor into. Members of the DO inherently want the DO’s token; if they don’t want the token, then they probably would elect not to join the community to start with. The desire to own a larger share of the DO is what injects work and contribution into the DO, and helps make it become a valuable property to own in the first place.

The DO, as the controlling entity of its own token, has the power to mint/issue/award tokens to the members that contribute to the DO.

Roadmap & Deployment Plan

Phase 1 : Grow WeWin.net Membership :

To join as a WeWin member, a new user needs a sponsor who is an existing WeWin member and pays $100 USD as membership fee. The sponsor’s primary duty is to verify the new member’s identity, location information and ensure information is in compliance with KYC. The WeWin platform will pay Sponsor / Verifiers in WWC tokens as reward for completing tasks of verifying new membership as well as managing members belonging to their respective teams.

In order to drive early adoption growth, each of the first 100,000 WeWin users will earn 200 WeWin tokens daily, from the day of signup until the platform reaching 100,000-user milestone.

Phase 2: Implement consensus, Complete Mansion NFT and Finalized Reward Policy:

WeWin.net members within the same regions automatically form WeWin blockchain super nodes in a Proof-Of-Stake model, that works by assigning validation powers in proportion to their quantity of holdings in WWC. WeWin Verifiers will earn WWC tokens as reward from all verified WeWin blockchain transactions.

Establish consensus effect of the WeWin community, complete the development and application of the WeWin Mansion NFT, and finalize the reward policy for the WeWin Pioneers.

Phase 3: dApp Developments and WWC Token as Payment:

WeWin blockchain will open its platform to dApp developers to build various dApps, for the use of WeWin community members, such as NFT MarketPlaces, Defi-Swaps, Gaming, and many more. WWC token will be used as payment for all transactions through dApps on the WeWin Blockchain. There will be a 15% service fee on each dApp transaction; one third of which goes to dApp developers, one third goes to all WWC holders or burned to increase WWC value by deflation, and one third will be distributed to support WeWin blockchain infrastructure operation.

Phase 4: MetaVerse Development and WWC Listing on Central Exchange:

As the blockchain industry evolves towards Metaverse, WeWin will implement its own version of Metaverse in the fourth quarter of 2022. Future Plans: strive to be listed on central exchange in 2023, fully immersed in the Metaverse serving the development of a sustainable economy. The original mission of WeWin: Build Together, Govern Together, Prosper Together, and Win Together.

Token Economics

We have built a token that will reward you for holding it, without having to manually stake it. Lay back, chill, and earn WWC while you sleep!

WWC Token flow path can be summarized as followed:

  • New users sign up for a membership on WeWin.net by invitation only and pay a $100 membership fee with a valid Sponsor userID, which serves as the verifier of users’ identity, and is responsible for adding the newly registered member to the Growth Hierarchy tree.

  • WeWin Users earn WWC tokens by verifying new team members, who will in turn become new sponsors that build their own teams and continue to expand the Growth Hierarchy tree.

  • WeWin Users within the same regions form tbe WeWin blockchain location-based PoS nodes and earn additional WWC as a passive reward, in proportion to their WWC holdings, on all transactions on the WWC blockchain.

  • WeWin Blockchain opens its development platform to dApp developers for building various dApps to service WeWin community members.

  • dApps accept WWC tokens as the form of transaction payment, where one-third of the service fee will be distributed to WWC token holders, or burned permanently to increase token value by deflation.

  • WWC Tokens can be traded 24×7 in DeFi exchange QuickSwap ETH-WWC pool.

Future Plans

We aim to be pioneers in combining Social, Defi and NFT into a singular blockchain platform. This is a challenging endeavor but also a great opportunity to lead the field in this new market to demonstrate how Social, NFT and DeFi can coexist and function efficiently and productively in a hybrid ecosystem.


Trust is the foundation of any successful monetary system. One of the most important factors engendering trust is governance, or the process by which changes are implemented to the protocol over time. Despite its importance, governance is often one of the most overlooked yet crucial aspects of a well-designed blockchain platform.

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