Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When can I view reward points total accrued by my teammates daily check-in?

A1: Each time you make your own check-in, you get to see your teammates' reward points total accrued up to that day.

Q2: Can I use multiple Wallet addresses to check in and earn rewards on the App?

A2: No, You can only use one wallet address to earn on the App.

Q3. How many times per day per NFT can I check-in daily?

A3: Each User can check-in once per NFT per day. On the WWC Capital City NFT as an example, You will earn 100 WWC per check-in per day, and additional 25 WWC per teammate check-in per day.

Q4: After updating the app to a new version, will my wallet address be erased and need to re-import the 12-word phrase?

A4: No, your wallet address and privateKey will be preserved through an update process. If you uninstall and reinstall the app, however, you will then need to re-import your 12-word phrase to recover the same wallet.

Q5: What blockchains does WeWinMeta app support ?

A5: Currently supporting all Ethereum-based and Polygon-based crypto tokens and NFTs.

Q6: Where can I update account information, such as my WeWin VerifierID, IntroducerID and Name?

A6: Click on the 5th position Person Icon -> Click the Finger icon to go to Edit Wallet Profile Page.

Q7: How do I properly install the APK on my Android Device?

A7: From Your Device navigate to Settings -> Click the option "Unknown sources" -> Tap OK on the prompt message -> select "Trust"

Q8: What is my Introducer Wallet ? Where do I find such information?

A8: If you downloaded and installed WeWinMeta app via an invite link, your WeWinMeta account should have an Introducer Wallet address specified on your profile page. Click on the Person (5th position) icon -> click on the finger icon at top of page to go to Profile Page -> your Introducer Wallet address should be listed on the Page. If showing as blank please ask your Introducer for their wallet address, copy and paste here accordingly.

Q9: What does the Membership NFT do? How do I raise my Membership level?

A9: There are 7 levels of Membership NFTs. For every 7 followers you have acquired, you will have raised your membership level by 1 and minted the next level Membership NFT for free.

Q10: How Do I find how many followers I have?

A10: Click on Person (5th position) icon -> The Number in parenthesis is the total number of your Followers.

Q11. How to check my App version number ?

A11: Click Person Icon to go to Profile Page -> click Settings -> App version is shown at the bottom of Page.

Q12: How to set my Account Profile Picture (PFP)?

A12: From Your Profile Page -> click NFT tabs -> select an NFT and click “Set as Profile Photo”.

Q13: How to set WeWin Verifier ID?

A13: Assuming you already have a WeWin VerifierID, enter the ID on your Wallet Profile Page. If you have not a WeWin VerifierID, please first sign up on https://team.wewin.net/backoffice/login

Q14: How to set My Introducer Wallet Address?

A14: If you install the app via a referral link, your introducer Wallet Address should be automatically filled. Otherwise you can manually enter your Introducer’s Wallet address on the Wallet profile page. Once added, the Introducer wallet address can no longer be modified.

Q15: How to add more followers?

A15: Click on the Badge icon to go to Members Score Page -> Click “invite Friends” button -> you can Invite friends by sending the referral link to your contact list, or download and share the QRCode image.

Q16: What are the benefits of inviting friends to become teammates?

A16: Your teammates’s daily check-in will earn you 25 points per day.

Q17: If I lose or forget the 12-word phrase to my Wallet, what can I do?

A17: Please remember that, by design, the 12-word secret phrase to your wallet is your personal responsibility. WeWinMeta platform does NOT store your 12-word phrase. Please respect but not overlook the importance of this fundamental blockchain concept.

Q18: I used to be able to check-in and ear daily, and now see the error “Need more Followers”. What can I do?

A18: Please always read the latest updates on the Detail Page. There should be a Check-In policy that requires you to have at least 1 follower to continue check-in after already earning xxx amount of points.

Q19: I have reserved an NFT, but this NFT is not listed on My Wallet Profile -> NFTs tab, please help?

A19: If you have reserved an NFT, please go to Brands (Stacks icon) page -> click “Collections” button. -> click Pending -> your Reserved NFT item should be listed in Pending.

NFT minting takes time and please look for the “Transaction ID” on the Details Page. If such ID is shown, your NFT is minted properly and should be shown on your Wallet Profile Page.

Q20: How do I stop ad banners from showing ?

A20: VIP members such as WeWin Verifiers will not be shown Ads. Full-Screen ads after a successful check-in action will be shown to all members.

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