5 Major Benefits of Joining WeWinMeta

Metaverse technologies are well under way, and brands on the cutting edge are poised to realize the biggest gains.

Brand partners are the core pillars to a successful WeWinMeta ecosystem.

WeWinMeta platform allows brands to provide their own consumers with an innovative social commerce experience.

Technologies such as NFTs, augmented with gamification features present unique opportunities for your brand to reach new customers in new ways.

There are 5 major benefits WeWinMeta offers a brand partner:

1. Sell virtual goods

Eliminating the manufacturing and transportation costs associated with physical goods is a major opportunity for every brand. Design your own branded NFTs, and tie them to various utility, ranging from promotional purposes, exchangeable for event participation (ticketing), redemption to physical assets or granting access to an exclusive list of privileges.

2. Membership access through NFTs

Gone are the days where NFTs are glorified JPG images. NFTs give you a one-of-a-kind digital asset that can be used to prove ownership of anything ranging from physical assets, identification, and membership.

The latest NFT trend is that brands are attaching tangible benefits and using them as exclusive membership access. NFT holders are able to display their membership NFT in their crypto wallet or any social platforms that support NFTs as PFP (Personal Profile Picture), while Brands (Vendors) are able to enforce authentication and ownership verification on the blockchain. Whenever a brand releases a product or an exclusive event is held, your brand can sell and monetize special NFTs to provide customers with exclusive access.

3. Community Building

Social commerce is a major part of the metaverse, and it represents a big opportunity for every brand.

Through WeWinMeta's social features, brands can build engaging communities that provide a place for customers to participate with both the brand itself and fellow supporters of the brand.

By building a sense of community amongst your most loyal customers, Brands are able to leverage the social influences of community members to further grow and expand their reach.

4. Collaborative Branded communities

One of the biggest opportunities for brands to thrive in WeWinMetaverse is to gain exposure to other branded communities within the WeWinMetaverse ecosystem.

As its namesake suggests, WeWin is a collaborative, non-competitive ecosystem where branded communities build together and win together. When new WeWinMeta users are on-boarded via a referral link, they not only are able to earn rewards from their inviting brand, but also from all within the platform.

5. Gamification flywheels for the WeWinMetaVerse

Gamification is an integral part of the WeWinMetaverse designed to drive user engagement and increase retention by transforming mundane user clicks into interesting and repeatable game features.

WeWinMetaVerse adopts a collection of game templates to build user engagement features

In WeWinMeta, Brands can either adopt the same game templates or build their own metaverse flywheel by offering virtual rewards that are redeemable in other areas of the brand's metaverse ecosystem.

As the metaverse evolves, the opportunities for your brand to benefit will continue to grow.

Please consider implementing these unique strategies for your brand’s products as you get ready to participate in WeWinMeta!

Visit https://www.wewinmeta.com for general information

Download the WeWinMeta app at https://wewinmeta.app.link/NhYy4iRg5tb

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