Whether it is the popularization of personal computers in the eighties, the global adoption of Internet access in the nineties, or the migration from hosted servers to the cloud in the first era of this century, technology has followed a remarkably consistent path of birth, growth, and popularization, resulting in the creation of great wealth…especially in the early stages.

After its introduction in 2008, Bitcoin experienced tremendous fluctuation in value. From one Bitcoin being worth a pizza to being worth a car. Using blockchain technology, the total value of crypto currencies rose from virtually zero to more than one trillion U.S. dollars by early 2021. As the governance of decentralized digital organizations matures, 2021 will officially mark the arrival of mass on-chain adoption, which is set to be the mainstream of the next decade, creating unprecedented wealth.

In early 2021 well-known U.S. blockchain experts, Silicon Valley high-tech engineers, and world-class marketing experts joined forces of innovation with seed investment, to build an authentication-based KYC (Know Your Customer) network. Built upon this KYC consensus governance mechanism, the blockchain-based platform, was created.

Every authenticated user becomes a new Verifier through the certification of his superior (introducer) Verifier. Verifiers authenticate and validate new additions to the network, digitally organizing and growing communities of the WeWin Platform.

Using blockchain, WeWin issued crypto tokens (WWC), with a max supply of 100 billion on the decentralized exchange UniSwap, (Exchangeable with Ether at any time based on market prices.)

New Verifiers join the platform by paying a one-time payment (service fee) of $100, and earns additional WeWin tokens as a reward for further promoting and building his own referrals. As the WeWin Platform reaches 100,000 Verifiers, Mainnet will be launched and 500 million WeWin WWC tokens will be distributed to the first 100K active Verifiers each year.

Thanks to the advanced technology of the WeWin platform,, you don’t need to invest huge sums of money to purchase digital mining machines and you don't even have to click on the virtual mining app to mine coins. The simple principle of WeWin is that we BUILD together, PROSPER together, and WIN together!

If you missed out on Bitcoin, Shiba Inu Coins, and cryptos, take advantage of this generational opportunity with WeWin Tokens WWC!

Join WeWin now at! Download the WeWinMeta app at to create your Crypto wallet and manage your WeWin Tokens WWCs, NFTs, and other Crypto Assets.

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